Most popular priest on social media reacts to viral TikToks about God

Though he all but gave up social media for Lent – or, at least, made a valiant effort to limit his usage by deleting the app on his phone – social media sensation Father Mike Schmitz wants people to know he sees tremendous value in it.

“How incredible is it that we live in an age where we have this this tool… in that sense of just being able to say, ‘oh my gosh, I can help people that never would meet me [in person],” the Catholic priest and Ascension Press’ ‘Bible in a Year’ podcast host, who got his start in the digital space back in 2007 recording homilies, told Fox News Digital.

“That’s a big piece of the impetus behind this. There’s something to be said, and there’s good news to be shared,” he added, following the beginning of this Lenten season.

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