Isolation, a time of hope

This week’s reflection comes from the parish of Holy Name Church, Dunedin.

It is ironic that in these times of isolation when people replace cars around the streets, people are meeting more people than they used to.

All the while keeping their social distance and remaining in their bubble.

People seem to have slowed down.

We all have skin in the game with this issue, we are all in this together.

Possibly for once, we actually now share something in common; a concern about the Coronavirus – COVID-19.

The crowds on the streets today are different to the Jerusalem street crowds; out to find out who Jesus was. They didn’t know what was to come.

With hindsight, we are fortunate to have been shown the way of hope.

With our Christian tradition, after death comes life. These are times of hope.

You are invited to pray with us during this video.

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