Sikh volunteer group delivering food to the self-isolated

Sikh volunteer groups

A Sikh volunteer group is among the many volunteer groups delivering food to people self-isolating.

They have reported that one family, they have helped had not eaten properly for days.

Auckland-based organiser Harpreet Singh said the group had recruited volunteers and planned operations in Auckland, Christchurch, Napier, Whangārei and Hamilton.

Singh said the group, a Sikh Aware initiative which is open to all people, was motivated to help those who are following self-isolation guidance.

The service is open to all who are self-isolating.

That included medical staff and others, regardless of religion or ethnicity.

Those needing food are asked to order their groceries at their local store.

Volunteers will then arrange a pickup.

The goal is to provide same-day delivery if the order is placed before 12 pm.

Singh said volunteers were reimbursed by electronic banking for the groceries but provided free deliveries to the doors of people self-isolating.

One family who was self-isolating after returning from India had not eaten adequately for days, he said.

“They sent us a huge grocery list. They needed all kinds of essentials.”

Volunteers at Sikh Aware are adhering to rules about not having physical contact or close contact with people in self-isolation, Singh said.

Singh said the group was busy last Friday and Hindus and Muslim volunteers were also offering help.

Sikh Aware NZ, Whangarei Sikh Society and Deg Tegh Fateh Sikh Society Christchurch were involved.

Harpreet Singh, an IT worker, migrated to Auckland in 2014 with his family.

He founded Sikh Aware in 2018 to educate other New Zealanders about the religion and advocate on behalf of vulnerable Sikh migrant workers.

According to the to latest census data about 41,000 Sikhs now live in New Zealand.


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