Catholic agencies: Budget gets a small tick


Caritas the Catholic Justice and Peace Agency, welcomed the 2020 Budget, saying it provides a foundation of hope on which we can build a fairer society in which all can flourish.

The Justice and Peace Commission of the Catholic Diocese of Auckland says that while the Government has made an encouraging effort to meet the needs of the poor and vulnerable in the COVID-19 crisis there are some omissions.

Caritas Direct Julianne Hickey says “In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team of 5 million New Zealanders have done an incredible job of protecting the sick, the elderly and those most vulnerable to the virus.”

“Now we need innovative investment to help us all create a fairer society in which no one is left out, and all can thrive.”

“In addition to the obvious health threat, the pandemic has also presented us with a tremendous opportunity to put right some long-neglected injustices,” said Hickey

“This reset can be an opportunity to heal the afflictions of poverty, intergenerational unemployment, homelessness and environmental degradation.”

“Now is the time for bold and decisive investment to build our future,” Hickey concludes.

“In the Budget, we find a foundation of hope; now we must ensure that all New Zealanders are able to contribute to and benefit from the opportunities that will arise from the more cohesive, resilient society that we rebuild together.”

The Auckland Diocese Peace and Justice Commission say they appreciate how difficult it has been for the Government to prioritise and allocate financial assistance at this unprecedented time.

“It’s encouraging that people’s wellbeing, both health and economic, have been carefully considered in the 2020 Budget.”

They applaud the measures taken to support families the extension of the Wage Subsidy Scheme and the increased foster care allowance and unsupported child benefit.

But they think there are still needs to be addressed particularly in housing.


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