Women symbolise Ukraine’s strength, courage


Women symbolise Ukraine’s strength with the way they courageously face adversity, says the leader of Ukraine’s Catholic Church.

They can be seen praying for peace, defending their nation, staying behind to care for loved ones, mourning loss and death, and fleeing to bring their children to safety all symbolise hope for Ukraine, says Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk.

In his opinion, the women symbolise “fearlessness, a symbol of victory of life over death, a symbol of the fact that Ukraine will stand even through such inhumane circumstances.

“When we speak of our homeland, our Ukraine, which is standing, which is fighting, I see before my eyes the image of a woman. A woman as a symbol of Ukraine.”

Images of the many faces of women in the Ukraine war show them building and defending the future, protecting, feeding and caring for their loved ones, Shevchuk says.

“When we care for our people who are hiding in bomb shelters, we see first of all women. The woman is today the symbol of the strength and courage of Ukraine.”

Female strength gives Ukraine hope, he believes.

Shevchuk also says he is grateful and praying for the women in the military, defending their homeland.

“Who can fully comprehend the pain of a woman, a mother, who mourns the death of her son killed in war? Or a woman who has lost her husband, brother or sister? But most of all we are amazed by women who stand in prayer before God,” praying for their city and their country, he said.

At present Shevchuk is preparing for Pope Francis’s consecration of Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The consecration will take place during a penitential prayer service in St Peter’s Basilica this Friday.

Ukrainian Catholics continue to pray to the Mother of God, and “we would like to dedicate women and the women of Ukraine” to her protection, Shevchuk says.



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