Women in stipendiary ministry training outnumber men

Women training for stipendiary ministry at St Padarn’s Institute, Cardiff, are now in a majority, outnumbering men by 18 to eight.

Three of the women are under 30 — deemed good news for the age profile; a further three are between 30 and 39; six are 40-49; four are 50-59; and two are between 60 and 69.

Of the men training for stipendiary ministry, two are in the age bracket 30-39; one 40-49; four 50-59; and two 60-69.

Women also outnumber men among those training for self-supporting ministry, at 16 to 11.

However there is concern about numbers training for licensed lay ministry, said the Principal, the Rev. Professor Jeremy Duff. There were ten women and two men currently in training, with the majority in the higher age brackets. “We need to see how the Spirit is prompting people to engage in lay ministry [generally across the Province],” he suggested. Continue reading

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