‘Hero’ priest saves kids from war zone during gang shoot-out

A Catholic priest, who stumbled across a war zone in his church, saved three children’s lives. He is being hailed as a hero.

Two Mexican gangs had taken refuge in the cathedral as they engaged in a bloody shoot-out.

Mexico’s Lady of Guadalupe cathedral was left completely blasted with bullet holes and grenades. A beheaded body was left inside.

Urzúa said he stumbled upon the “heart-breaking situation” on Tuesday. The three children he found, aged one, nine and 11, had been abandoned in the war zone, he said.

Police found over 700 bullet casings, a grenade and a Chevrolet pickup truck which had been “completely charred.”

Urzúa said the attack on the cathedral must have been intentional. There were “too many bullet” holes inside and out for them to be stray shots.

“I don’t think that an armed gang can have something against us, against the Church. I don’t want to think that, but this is the fact,” he added.

“It’s sad what we are experiencing, where we are living. It is not something passing, it’s something permanent.”

In April 2023 for instance, there were 567 first-degree murders recorded in the state of Chihuahua.

Enrique told reporters the civil authorities should do their jobs. “We feel alone,” he said.

“We feel that there is no one who is with us, who accompanies us and protects us. May the Lord give you the necessary wisdom.”

This year, 11,475 homicides have reportedly been recorded throughout Mexico.


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