Bishop Olson will ‘not be drawn’ into public debate on Carmelite monastery

On Sunday evening, Bishop Michael Olson of Fort Worth released a video message addressing his interventions at the Carmelite monastery in Arlington, Texas.

Saying he would not be drawn into public discussion of the matter, the bishop attempted to refute accounts that the convent’s superior had been heavily medicated when allegedly admitting to sexual sins with a priest, while insisting he had no designs or claims on the convent’s property.

Addressing the Catholics of his diocese, Olson referred to the ongoing conflict between him and the nuns as “a matter that is currently causing all of us much pain, confusion and heartache.”

“It has hurt me deeply because I love the sisters in the Arlington Carmel very much. I’ve known the sisters for over thirty years, and I have prayed with them and I have relied on their prayers.”

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