Diocese of Parramatta forms Australia’s first Diocesan Diaconate Council

Diocesan Diaconate Council

The Diocese of Parramatta has formed Australia’s first Diocesan Diaconate Council, aimed at enhancing the ministry of deacons and providing support for their families.

With the formation of this council, the diocese seeks to tap into the diverse talents and experiences of its deacons and their wives, who play a crucial role in their vocation.

Over the past 17 years, the Parramatta Diocese has been dedicated to forming deacons, resulting in a current roster of 18 active deacons serving in various ministries, with an additional six deacons in the formation process.

Deacon Tony Hoban, a highly respected figure within the diocese, has been appointed as the Vicar for Deacons, taking on a leadership role in guiding the council.

In an interview with Catholic Outlook, Deacon Tony shared that, “It was originally Bishop Vincent’s idea to establish a council,” he said.

“He’s very supportive of our community and what we bring to the diocese and wanted to utilise the gifts and talents of our community.”

Support for the wives of deacons

Significantly, the council’s formation also considers the views of parishioners.

With deacons serving in nearly half of the parishes across the diocese, including Deacon Tony and Deacon Rod as pastoral directors, the council can effectively incorporate the perspectives and needs of the local community.

Moreover, Deacon Tony stressed the importance of supporting deacons’ wives.

“Every deacon and his wife have vastly differing backgrounds and experiences, which we can bring into our ministry. It’s crucial that we have the wives’ support on the council as the first vocation of a deacon is that of marriage and the family.”

The inaugural meeting of the Diaconate Council is scheduled to take place in mid-June. Acting as an advisory body to the bishop, the council members will assess all aspects of diaconal ministry and evaluate the support provided after ordination.

Furthermore, the council will establish a platform for deacons and their families to engage in meaningful dialogue, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

The news of the council’s establishment has been met with enthusiasm by the diaconate community in Parramatta. They eagerly anticipate the opportunity to be heard, supported and receive additional training to enhance their fulfilment of the diaconal vocation.


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