Man makes Pope’s wheelchair with wood saved from Notre Dame de Paris

Because a classic wheelchair is not very chic and not always ergonomic, Paul decided to make one out of wood. It’s also less expensive. He built one in his workshop in the Dordogne with wood from Notre Dame Cathedral. It is intended for the Pope, who agreed to sponsor his project.

In his workshop in Périgord Vert, Paul meticulously sands a birch armchair. This is the Pope’s future wheelchair. It is a very beautiful birch armchair with a large backrest, neat finishes and symbols.

“I was entrusted with the beams of the frame of Notre Dame de Paris, a survivor of the fire of 2019”, he explains.

They were charred. Paul filed them down, centimetre by centimetre, to reach the heart, which was still usable.

“These beams come from oak trees that grew around the year 1200. They are contemporary with Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of the Pope.” They are used for the armrests of the chair.

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