Pope Francis urges hope for Europe’s new generations


Pope Francis has stressed the importance of hope as the foundation for addressing the crises faced by Europe, particularly among the younger generation.

“Hope needs to be restored to our European societies, especially to the new generations” he told people gathered in St Peter’s Square for his weekly general audience on September 27.

“In fact, how can we welcome others if we ourselves do not first have a horizon open to the future?” he said.

“Our societies, many times sickened by individualism, by consumerism and by empty escapism, need to open themselves, their souls and spirits to be oxygenised, and then they will be able to read the crisis as an opportunity and deal with it positively,” he emphasised.

Human-centric outlook

Reflecting on his recent visit to Marseille, France for the “Rencontres Méditerranéennes,” or Mediterranean Encounter, the Pope highlighted the importance of fostering a human-centric outlook when confronting issues in the Mediterranean region, such as immigration.

He noted the emergence of hope and fraternity, even among those who have endured inhumane conditions.

He encouraged the continent of Europe to cultivate this passion and enthusiasm so that the Mediterranean region could be “a mosaic of civilisation and hope” rather than “a tomb” or a “place of conflict”.

“The Mediterranean Sea,” the pope said, “is the complete opposite of the clash between civilisations, war and human trafficking.”

The Pope’s visit to Marseille left a lasting impression of hope and humanity. He thanked the people of Marseille and President Emmanuel Macron for their warmth and support during his visit.

“Today’s liturgical memorial of St Vincent de Paul reminds us of the centrality of love of neighbour” the pope said. “I urge everyone to cultivate the attitude of caring for others and openness to those who need you.”


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