Experts urge more studies on Catholicism in Asia

Academic scholars, including historians and theologians, have stressed the need for more focus and efforts on studies on the richness and diversity of Catholicism in Asia, which they say remain largely underdeveloped.

The remarks came during a hybrid roundtable discussion titled “Catholic Studies in Asia: Prospects and Challenges” hosted by the Asia Research Institute (ARI) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) in the city-state on Oct 2.

It discussed the rise of Catholic Studies across academia with special attention to Asia. It also focused on the challenges that this emerging field of research faces in the region and the opportunities Asian societies and political systems provide to enrich this conversation.

The event marked the second anniversary of the Initiative for the Study of Asian Catholics (ISAC) of the ARI. ISAC is a research initiative designed to increase social scientific research on Catholics in Asia.

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