Morality breach brings down founder of far-right Catholic website

morality clause breach

The founder of St Michael’s Media and Church Militant, a far-right Catholic media group, has resigned due to an unspecified violation of the organisation’s morality clause.

Michael Voris (pictured) stepped down as president of the Michigan-based enterprise dedicated to addressing the erosion of the Catholic faith.

The group stated “Michael Voris has been asked to resign for breaching the Church Militant morality clause” without divulging specific details.

The group cited the confidentiality of Voris’ private matters.

Voris, in a video statement on X (formerly Twitter), declined to disclose the breach, mentioning personal health. He mentioned “horrible, ugly things” that he needs to address privately.

“I need to conquer these demons” Voris said, emphasising the personal nature of the challenges.

He requested continued support for the organisation he established.

Site critical of Pope Francis

Church Militant, known for its fervently right-wing politics and conservative Catholicism, lacks recognition as a Church apostolate and the authorisation to promote itself as Catholic, according to the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Known also for its critical stance towards Pope Francis, the site has recently featured content denying the climate crisis and criticising LGBTQ+ inclusion efforts.

It also endorses individuals such as Bishop Joseph Strickland, who was ousted from his Texas diocese after severe criticism of the pontiff.

Voris previously admitted past “live-in relationships with homosexual men” and other sexual relationships. He later denounced these actions as “extremely sinful”.

This isn’t the first controversy surrounding Church Militant.

In 2021, the group faced initial denial to rally outside a US Conference of Catholic Bishops meeting due to concerns over public safety.

Additionally, in 2017 a confidant of Pope Francis criticised Church Militant for framing the 2016 presidential election as a “spiritual war”.

Voris’ resignation comes amid ongoing tensions surrounding the group’s alignment with right-wing politics and conservative Catholic views, adding another chapter to its contentious history within the Catholic community.


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