Oxford Oratory celebrates uptick in adults received into Catholic Church

The Oxford Oratory reports that an increase in adults seeking to be received into the Catholic Church means that it has had to start special classes to cater for the influx.

As a result, the Oratory has been responsible for 5 per cent of such application requests within its relevant Archdiocese during 2023.

By the end of summer 2023, the Oratory had received over 20 adults seeking baptism, reception or confirmation in the Catholic Church.

As a result of the uptick, the Oratory started weekly classes in October for the first time, taking the group through the key points of the Creed and the Christian life.

“For whatever reason, the grace of God is leading more people to seek the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church than we have experienced in previous years,” the Oratory notes on its website.

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