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Hong Kong bishop says patriotism is every citizen’s duty

Monday, April 24th, 2023
patriotism is everyone’s duty

Hong Kong’s top Catholic cleric, Bishop Stephen Chow SJ, said patriotism is every citizen’s duty. He dismissed concerns that his visit to Beijing could be interpreted as an attempt to politicise religion. “Everyone would like to see their own country do well; no one wants it to do badly. “I think it’s everyone’s duty to Read more

Hong Kong Catholic church needs $1b

Thursday, August 4th, 2022
Hong Kong jump rope

Hundreds of Hong Kong Catholics have participated in a jump rope charity event to raise funds for the construction and maintenance of Church-run buildings and cemeteries in the city. The diocese needs to raise a total of HK$1 billion for development activities. The Hong Kong Diocesan Fundraising Commission for Church Building and Development organised the Read more

Religious repression in Hong Kong could soon worsen, Christian cleric warns

Monday, February 14th, 2022
Religious repression in Hong Kong

A Christian cleric in Hong Kong thinks that the Chinese government’s repression of religious freedom there is about to occur. At the same time, Hong Kong’s new bishop has underlined the importance of protecting human dignity. Speaking anonymously during an online discussion, the cleric said the freedom of religious schools is particularly under threat. The Read more

Hong Kong bishop-elect: I am not afraid, but believe prudence is a virtue

Thursday, May 20th, 2021
Hong Kong Bishop Chow

The newly appointed bishop of Hong Kong says he believes prudence and dialogue were a way forward in the challenges facing his diocese. Bishop-elect Stephen Chow Sau-yan told journalists that he did not think it would be wise to comment on especially controversial issues, particularly on China, the day after his appointment. “That would be Read more