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Some bishops and lay groups have become de facto Catholic morality police

Monday, March 27th, 2023

Not long ago, every U.S. cleric — bishop, priest and deacon — received a reprint of Cardinal Raymond Burke’s 2007 essay from Periodica de Re Canonica, the annual 700-page canon law journal of the Gregorian University in Rome. Burke documents the church’s history of legislating against giving Communion to persons “obstinately persevering in manifest grave Read more

Colorado Catholic group spent millions to identify priests on gay apps

Monday, March 13th, 2023
priests on gay apps

A Catholic group in Colorado has claimed that it has identified several priests who are using gay dating apps, including Grindr, raising concerns about the church’s position on homosexuality. The project was carried out by conservative non-profit Catholic Laity and Clergy for Renewal. The group has reportedly spent at least US$4m (NZ6.5m) on the project Read more