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In ‘Infinite Dignity,’ the Vatican defends people, not politics

Monday, April 29th, 2024
Infinite Dignity

Many people, and not only Catholics, are talking about the new Vatican document, “Dignitas Infinita,” or Infinite Dignity. It tackles complicated moral ideas, many of them further complicated by current political debates. But many commentaries misunderstand what the Vatican presented, or tried to present, in keeping with the philosophical and theological underpinnings of Catholic teachings, Read more

Transgender inclusion? World’s major religions take varying stances on policies toward trans people

Monday, April 15th, 2024

The Vatican has issued a new document rejecting the concept of changing one’s biological sex. This is a setback for transgender people who had hoped Pope Francis might be setting the stage for a more welcoming approach from the Catholic Church. World Religions Around the world, major religions have diverse approaches to gender identity, and Read more

Surrogacy and gender-affirming surgery are wrong says new Vatican doc.

Thursday, April 11th, 2024

Surrogacy and gender-affirming surgery are two ethical issues discussed in a new Vatican document, “Infinite Dignity.” Some Catholics support Infinite Dignity’s message. Others are dismayed. Surrogate born woman against “womb renting” A woman born in 1991 via a surrogate mother, who is now a leading campaigner for the abolition of “womb renting”, is of a Read more