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Mafia hitman prepares poison chalice for priest

Thursday, February 29th, 2024
poison chalice

A mafia hitman is being blamed for making a poison chalice for an outspoken priest. He is said to have mixed bleach with communion wine. Father Felice Palamara (pictured) – who is known for bravely denouncing organised crime in his small town – narrowly missed drinking the lethal mixture when celebrating Mass last Saturday. Fortunately, Read more

New anti-crime ministry considered in Mexico

Thursday, September 21st, 2023

An upsurge in violence in Mexico has got Catholics there looking at different ways to combat the country’s escalating crime statistics. They are looking to laypeople, especially the young, to cooperate with the law. “We have had meetings of businessmen, women, young people, consecrated men and women, seminarians, priests…” says Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera L√≥pez, Mexico Read more