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Singapore, Hong Kong Catholic dioceses cancel Mass Comments 0

Monday, February 17th, 2020

Coronavirus and the threat of its spreading through populations is resulting in many religious leaders cancelling services and suggesting the faithful follow services online. There will be no masses in Hong Kong before the end of this month, while in Singapore masses have been suspended until further notice. Similarly, the Churches are suspending large public Read more

Problem gambling – Catholic church calls for safeguards Comments 0

Friday, October 14th, 2016

Problem gambling has led the Catholic Church to urge Singapore’s Government to “continually review” measures to minimise online gambling’s ill effects. The Catholic Church, along with the National Council of Churches in Singapore said it is “deeply concerned” that the Government is sending “confusing and conflicting signals” with the partial lifting of the ban on Read more

Singapore archbishop blasts Madonna concert Comments 0

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Singapore’s Catholic archbishop has expressed the local Church’s “grave concerns” at an upcoming concert by Madonna. In a statement released on February 20, Archbishop William Goh reminded Catholics of their “moral obligation not to support those who denigrate and insult religions . . .”. Archbishop Goh added that “‘pseudo arts that promote sensuality, rebellion, disrespect, Read more

Singapore national library pulps kids books about gay parenting Comments 0

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

The national library of Singapore is planning to pulp three children’s books because they are seen as promoting homosexuality. One of the books is “And Tango Makes Three”, which is based on the true story of two male penguins which raised a chick in a New York Zoo. The others are “White Swan Express”, about Read more

Year of the Horse Comments 0

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

January 1 has come and gone and 2014 is already well on its way. However, in China, Taiwan, Singapore and many countries and communities around the world, the new year is just beginning. Observed on January 31 this year, the Chinese New Year rings in the Year of the Wood Horse, but it’s marked this time Read more

Catholic ire catches Singapore Holy Week dance party promoters off-guard Comments 0

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Holy Week might not seem the best time of year to feature scantily-clad nuns in ads promoting a dance party anywhere in the world. It’s probably therefore not surprising that such an event has courted trouble in Singapore, a city famous for its low tolerance of anything that might upset its racially and religiously diverse communities.

The party was advertised with an image of a woman donning a wimple and a revealing piece of black clothing.

Called Escape Chapel, the event was supposed to be the first Asian foray for the organizers of popular British music festival Escape Into The Park, which takes place each year in Swansea, Wales.

“We’ve used this opportunity to express how deeply remorseful we are for the all the upset we’ve caused to the Catholic community in the days leading up to their most holy of weekends,” Creative Insurgence Director Aaghir Yadav said in a statement.

“We never intended to offend or mock the Catholic faith and chapel – and are very sorry for the poor judgment we’ve displayed in our marketing decisions.”

Archbishop Chia Wednesday said the church accepted the apology and that the incident was a reminder “of the need for mutual respect for all religions in our multireligious country.”

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