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TickTok’s changed the game: Teen mental health crisis

Monday, March 20th, 2023

Megan Dykes’s TikTok account is a dark place. On a recent Thursday morning, she opened the ‘For You’ page on the app and lingered over the first video that popped up: a clip of a young woman joking about wanting to cut herself. Dykes (pictured) swiped her thumb and watched another similarly gloomy post, and Read more

TikTok faith

Monday, November 14th, 2022

The news is good, bad and ugly for Gen Z Catholics (born in the 1990s and early 2000s) in Australia, as spiritual openness leads young people towards the uncensored whirlwind of TikTok. Young Catholics are left with the two-edged sword of an exciting increase in the exploration of faith amongst peers, mixed with the risks Read more

Can TikTok bring Gen Z into the fold?

Monday, November 23rd, 2020

While TikTok may seem like a frivolous app, teenagers and 20-somethings play with on their phones, the platform — which is relatively new to the U.S. market — has already shown the power to make change “IRL.” The video-centric app is credited with popularizing the runaway hit “Stunnin’” by Curtis Waters. In another instance, it Read more