New Mulivai cathedral just like old one but bigger

The new Mulivai Cathedral that will look exactly like the 130-year old cathedral that is being pulled down.

According to Catholic Church spokesman Father Spa Silva, the only thing that will be different is a that the new Cathedral will be elevated and that it will be twice as big.

“But it will look exactly like the (Immaculate Conception of Mary) Cathedral that has been a landmark of Apia for over a century,” said Father Spa.

“Instead of the 400-500 seats we had, the new Cathedral will have seating for up to a thousand people.”

The cost of the new Cathedral could not be detrmined at this point, he said, but “there will be some funds from the Vatican towards its construction.”

The Cathedral’s  iconic frontal statues will be retained, said Father Spa, “and there could be more statues that will be put up for the new Cathedral, as is with many Catholic Cathedrals around the world.”

How long it will take to build the church also could not be determined right now but, “it will certainly be completed sometime next year.”

“Workmen are already working very quickly to demolish the old Cathedral so they can start on the new one.”

The new Cathedral is being built by renowned builder Father Ricky Bernard.


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