Most Americans want a religious president

Fifty-six percent of Americans want a religious President in office according to a poll released by the Public Religion Research Institute and Religion News Service.

The poll also revealed that although most Americans want a president with strong religious beliefs, only 40% were able to identify the religious beliefs of the current leading candidates.

20% of Americans identified President Obama as a Muslim despite his publicly identifying himself as a Christian, and only 40% identified Mitt Romney as a Mormon.

Out of those identifying themselves as Republicans, 71% want a religious president, while only 51% Democrats were in agreement.

A majority of those who feel a president needs to be a religious person support  Mitt Romney and Michele Backmann over President Obama.

The survey was conducted by phone using a random sample of 1,012 adults living in a private house.

The poll’s confidence level is 95% with a 3% margin of error.


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