Donations rejected – it matters where the money comes from

“Groups should consider the ethics around accepting money from gaming trusts”, says captain Gerry Walker, head of Salvation Army Addiction Services.  The Salvation Army will not accept money from poker machines.

The Maori Party and the Greens are also sending the money back. They have rejected donations from the Todd Corporation. Todd Corporation owns Todd Energy and Todd Capital and has significant oil and gas mining interests.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said the Todd Corporation had offered the Green Party $5000, which was rejected by the party under its “major donations” policy.

Dr Norman said although the Green Party approved of some of Todd’s initiatives in energy, the party was opposed to some of its mining practices. “They also do some things we don’t agree with. So we said `no thank you’. It wasn’t acrimonious.”

The Maori Party has followed the Green Party’s lead by rejecting a $5000 donation from Todd Corporation, saying the company’s mining interests were against its beliefs.


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