Introduction of new Missal delayed in New Zealand

A technical flaw in the printing process has led to a delay in the distribution of the new Missal in New Zealand.

The new translation of the Mass was scheduled for the first Sunday in Advent but has been postponed and the Bishops have advised people to continue to use the format of the Mass introduced last year until further notice.

In a letter written in 9 November the Bishops said:

“The printing process of the new Missals was completed last week. At first sight they were everything we had hoped for. Unfortunately closer inspection of individual copies [revealed] that unbeknown to the printer a technical flaw had occurred in the production process. The pages containing the Eucharistic prayers were printed on heavier paper because they have higher usage. We had stipulated that the pages of the Missal must lie flat when open. The pages on heavier paper do not lie flat, so celebrants would find themselves holding the pages down. This problem will not reduce with time and usage, so it is a serious flaw”

The letter says that all possibilities for fixing the flaw have been explored by but it cannot be fixed.

The New Zealand Bishops set a high standard for the printing of the books and are not prepared to accept anything less.

The only option is to reprint the Missals.

It is hoped that within 7 to 10 days the printer will be able to advise when the reprinted Missals will be ready.

Ireland’s Catholic Bishops’ Conference also had problems with their new Missals, which were recalled after distribution.

The printer accepted full responsibility for the errors which included faulty ribbons and an uneven standard of printing in some Missals.


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