Fiji floods: 14,000 including 5,000 children displaced

Over 14,000 thousand people, including 5,000 children, have been displaced from their homes by the Fiji floods.

These families are sheltering in over 200 evacuation centres and many lack regular access to water, food and essential items. Water and electricity shortages across the Western Division are creating a potentially dangerous situation for thousands more.

The director of the Fiji Disaster Management Office says between 30 and 40,000 people are receiving rations following Fiji floods that killed at least six and caused widespread devastation.

Pajiliai Dobui says the number of people in evacuation centres in the Western Division stands at just over 1,800 and there are 28 evacuees from a village in the Central Division’s Rewa province.

UNICEF is especially concerned over access to clean water for both drinking and bathing. Leptospirosis, diarrhea and typhoid are a real threat in the flood-affected areas. Water is being delivered by trucks to evacuation centers and communities – however, due to damaged roads not all areas can be reached regularly. For those who do have access to water, proper filtering and storage of water is essential.


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