Polynesia and NZ Anglican Archbishops support Fiji election process

Two of the Anglican Archbishops attending the church’s General Synod in Nadi have expressed support for the Fiji election process.

Polynesia’s Anglican Archbishop, Winston Halapua, says it is important for all races to unite for what he deems a ‘worthy cause’ by supporting the Fiji government towards the election process.

“The power of democracy is already set in 2014, we see that the mechanism and various channels are being made to have the election,” he said.

“As the leader of the Anglican Church I would like to encourage our people to engage dynamically.”

New Zealand Archbishop David Moxon echoed similar sentiments saying the church was praying for the Fiji government and her people.

“A time line for this process has now been offered. We continue to invite prayer for this crucial journey, as the people of Fiji discover, determine and discern for themselves the form of governance that best suits their needs,” he said.


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