Pastor took Kahui in because he was in need – innocent or guilty – that’s my job

Before and during his trial Chris Kahui was taken in and cared for by Pastor Tom and Magaret Ngapera at the at the Faith Family Baptist Centre in Panmure.

“I just came to support a broken family going through hell. That’s what my job is. To show the compassion and love of Christ to someone who desperately needs it,” Ngapera says.

Whether Kahui was innocent or guilty didn’t matter to Tom and Margaret; it was never even discussed.

“I got involved because Chris’ dad came to me and asked for help,” says Ngapera.

“His family, who he loved, were being hurt and destroyed publicly. My heart went out to this dad who was broken and asking how his family got into this position.”

The Kahuis had asked for help from other agencies. But every person and organisation turned them away when they found out who they were.

Six years on from the deaths of his two young sons, Chris Kahui has become a family man – living with a partner and young children in a religious family.

He is now living with pastor’s daughter Marcia Ngapera, with whom he has a daughter, now aged 3. However, although he lives with the girl, he is never allowed to be alone with her.

The national leader of the Baptist Church in New Zealand, Craig Vernal, in an interview on Radio New Zealand’s Checkpoint, said that like everyone else they hoped some one would be held to account for the Kahui twins’ death. He said that if Chris Kahui had an issue of conscience and needed to turn around and make a confession they would support him.

Vernal said it was not the Church’s job to counsel Chris Kahui – the Church is not a law court. He said the church will continue to support the whole Kahui family, and no member of the family would be excluded from that support.


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