Badass nun says Paul Ryan is a bad Catholic

Who’s the better Catholic: Paul Ryan or Sister Simone Campbell, who recently led a rollicking group of nuns on a cross-country tour to protest Ryan’s budget bill? We think Jesus would choose Sister Simone.

Her platform is simple: unlike Romney and his running mate, nuns know what real-life Americans go through because they actually work with low-income people on a regular basis and run programs that need federal funding to succeed. She told The Daily Beast that it’s the economy that’s hurting Americans, not a so-called “dependence” on social programs. “The problem is not enough jobs and low wages,” she said. “Catholic teaching is based on solidarity. Ryan doesn’t understand that all decisions need to be made with the common good in mind.” Sister Simone for president in 2016, anyone?

The “Nuns on the Bus” tour, which covered nine states in two weeks, further convinced Sister Simone that Ryan must be stopped. “The more we were on the road, the more impassioned we became,” she said. “We saw all these low-income communities, all the people who would be affected. By the end, we were fairly nuts about it.”

Sister Simone even invited Ryan and Romney to spend a day with her and the poor; unfortunately, neither man has gotten back to her yet. Continue reading

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