Interested in inclusive liturgical change?

A book, “Eucharist in the Local Church“, about inclusive liturgical change, was recently launched in Auckland.

The book is about how to achieve real participation and engagement in liturgy.

People who want to find creative solutions to the tension between the needs of the their local church and the official liturgical books will find this book useful.

It is a resource for planning and leading liturgies in parishes and communities.

The authors hope to promote informed discussion and to support those who want to make adaptations and changes so that the liturgy will reflect the culture and people who celebrate it.

Themes include: Eucharist for our time & context; shared leadership & ministry in Eucharist, local spirituality and Eucharist, Eucharist that builds an inclusive church  and, overcoming the tensions of planning & celebration.

The authors, Neil Darragh and Jo Ayers, well known in Catholic circles in New Zealand, bring together their experience of teaching liturgy at university and of many years membership of local liturgy committees. They provide differing perspectives and experiences of a layperson and a priest.

Accent is niche publisher that concentrates exclusively on publishing spirituality and theology from Aotearoa-New Zealand.

Accent’s intention is to be a resource for people who want to talk about and search out mature responses to the major issues of Christian life in the 21st Century.

Accent’s publications are written by people who live Aotearoa New Zealand .

Accent is interested in establishing a  dialogue with others who like them want to create a contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand  spirituality.



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