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The Eucharist is about more than Christ becoming present Comments 0

Monday, August 26th, 2019

There has been a lot of clerical hand-wringing of late about Catholics who don’t believe what the church teaches about Christ’s presence in the bread and wine of the Eucharist. According to the Pew Research Center, only one-third of Catholics agree that the Eucharist is the body and blood of Christ. Almost 70 percent believe Read more

Why the Eucharist is confusing for many Catholics (and survey researchers) Comments 0

Monday, August 12th, 2019

A fundamental difference in the centuries since the Protestant Reformation between the teachings and practice of the Catholic Church and that of most Protestant denominations has centered on what one believes happens at the celebration of the Eucharist. Unlike (most of) their Protestant brethren, Catholics profess that in the Eucharist, the bread and wine on Read more

Eucharist a meal not fast food Comments 0

Monday, July 29th, 2019

I was raised in Kansas but attended a seminary college in distant Ohio. One weekend, a schoolmate who lived nearby invited me to visit his home. Upon arrival that Friday evening, he asked what time I would like to eat. I said, “Whatever time your mom is serving supper.” He said, “My mom doesn’t cook.” Read more

Don’t wait for theologians – share the Eucharist now Comments 0

Monday, June 10th, 2019

Until now, church officials have always said theological agreement between the various Christian churches is needed before Christian unity or Eucharistic sharing could be possible. That may have changed during an in-flight press conference on Sunday as Pope Francis returned to Rome after visiting Romania. Asked what advice he could offer Romanians about the relationship Read more

Intercommunion – Cardinal Marx and Pope Francis Comments 0

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

Intercommunion – enabling non-Catholics to receive the Eucharist – is to be discussed in Rome. Although several news sources say Francis has already rejected a draft plan to allow non-Catholics who are married to Catholics to receive Communion in certain circumstances, it seems this is not the case. German Bishops’ Conference president, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Read more

Facebook homophobia video says Eucharist smells like hate Comments 0

Monday, April 16th, 2018

A video on homophobia posted in Facebook that parodies the Eucharist and says it tastes “like cardboard” and smells “like hate” has drawn criticism from Bishop John Keenan of Paisley. He said the video posted by BBC Scotland “is ridiculing and demeaning the faith of ordinary Catholics, especially at a time when Catholics are experiencing Read more

Cardinal Sarah: Receiving Communion in the hand part of a “diabolical attack” on the faith Comments 0

Monday, February 26th, 2018
cardinal sarah

Cardinal Sarah, the Vatican’s most senior liturgy official who has in the past been reprimanded by Pope Francis for his views on liturgy, is raising eyebrows again after expressing his opposition to the widely accepted practice of receiving Communion in the hand. In an introduction to a new book about Communion practices, the cardinal writes, Read more

German bishops ok communion for mixed marriage couples Comments 0

Monday, February 26th, 2018

Some couples in mixed-denomination marriages may receive the Eucharist together, says Cardinal Reinhard Marx. The dispensation would be decided according to individual cases and under special circumstances. Marx, who is the German Bishops’ conference president, says after an “intensive debate” during which “serious concerns” had been expressed, a “large majority” of the bishops had voted Read more

All wine is ‘not’ suitable for Eucharist Comments 0

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Sacramental altar wine used to need ecclesiastical approval. It sort of still does. In 1995 the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference decided that, “Given the more frequent practice of Holy Communion under both kinds, it seems opportune to assure priests that it is no longer necessary always to use ‘ecclesiastically approved’ wine”. A widespread practice Read more

Gluten free shouldn’t come into it – hosts cannot be wheat free Comments 0

Thursday, July 13th, 2017
gluten free

These days you can buy gluten free hosts on Amazon… “Baked Gluten Free Communion Bread – Square Shape (Pack of 200)” Or perhaps you might favour “Ener-G Foods Communion Wafers Gluten Free”.  Or you can even get a deal bundle made up of two kinds of wafers plus a box of disposable communion cups. That’s Read more