Cardinal says sins of clergy haunt Catholic Church

Cardinal Timothy Dolan last week said the “sinful” behavior of some clergy and other high-ranking Church officials has caused some of the faithful to declare themselves former members of the Catholic Church.

Dolan, former archbishop of Milwaukee, made the comments during his first appearance in the city since the archdiocese released the personnel files of 42 priests with substantiated allegations of child sexual abuse against them in July.

The cardinal acknowledged that some Catholics who left the church because “they have been shocked, saddened and nauseated by the sinful behavior” of some of its members.

“It’s not a bad idea to fess up to the sinful side of the Church,” Dolan was quoted as saying by the Associated Press. He went on to say that those who love the church do so despite its problems.

“We admit her flaws and we love her all the more because she is Christ on the cross,” Dolan said.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee faces claims in federal bankruptcy court from hundreds of sexual abuse victims, who have accused Church officials of covering up priests’ crimes and transferring them to new churches without warning parishioners.



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