Kiwi accused of stealing husband’s sperm

New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has found itself involved in a bitter dispute over an Egyptian businessman’s sperm and is doing its diplomatic best to extricate itself.

Mohammad Fouad has taken to court claims his Kiwi wife misused his sperm to get their maid pregnant. reports Fouad is suing his wife for carrying out a surrogacy procedure without his knowledge.

The website says the couple, who married in Auckland in 2008 and live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), were unable to conceive a baby naturally so decided to find another woman to carry their child.

Because surrogacy is illegal in UAE, they decided to find a woman from outside the country, preferably New Zealand.

However, Fouad says his wife, whose name has been suppressed, secretly arranged to use their young Filipino maid, Elvie Ibanez, as a surrogate, and used sperm she had taken from him for testing at the hospital she worked at. Continue reading

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