Prisoners helping to build Apia’s new cathedral

Up to ten prisoners have been helping to build the Catholic Cathedral in Apia.

The Church’s media spokesperson, Father Ioane Ono, confirmed this when contacted by the Samoa Observer.

Ono said while he knew prisoners had assisted with the demolition of the old Cathedral, he was unaware they were being used to help with its construction of its replacement until Father Ricky Bernard told about it after he, Ono, had been leading a service at Mulivai a while ago.

Bernard, according to Ono, is the leading carpenter at the project.

“I am not sure what has been worked out between Father Bernard and the prison,” he said. “All I knew was they were helping.”

He said the prisoners were only on the Church grounds on Saturday  –  and they assist Fr. Bernard from morning until afternoon.

He dismissed questions about the safety of members of the public and the risk of prisoners running away.

He said when the prisoners are at the Cathedral they are accompanied by Police officers.


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