Pro abortion group protest against pro life prayer vigil

Members of Wellington High School’s feminist club have staged a reciprocal protest against a Catholic pro-life group demonstrating near the main entrance of Wellington Hospital.

Family Life International is holding a 40 day anti-abortion prayer vigil outside the Wellington Hospital.

As part of it’s 40 days for life campaign, Family life international the vigil is due to to continue from 8am till 8pm until April 13, in the lead up to Easter

Spokeswoman for the 26 secondary school pupils who attended the feminist club’s demonstration, Sylvia Thomas-Edmond, said members of the Family Life International Catholic organisation should not be protesting against abortion outside the hospital.

“It is a big decision to have an abortion and an even harder thing to go through with,” Ms Thomas-Edmond said.

“We also think that every woman should have the right to choose what she does with her body.”

Four members of the Catholic group quietly stood, saying the rosary, 50 metres away from the student protest.



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