Manila archbishop calls to ‘rethink’ pro-life strategy

It’s time to ‘rethink’ our pro-life strategy says Cardinal Jose Advincula.

We need to re-evaluate the strategy in a different way, using new approaches that refrain from further judgment and condemnation.

During the Mass for this year’s “Walk for Life” on Saturday, Advincula – who is the head of Manila’s Catholic Church – spoke of the need for the Church to walk with the times.

The Church needs to explore “new pathways” to respond better to today’s dominant values he said.

“We need to engage in more listening and dialogue. This is part of walking for life.

“Yes, we are clear about teachings on the different issues connected with life and family but we also need to rethink our approaches, methodologies and strategies” he said.

Diverse family life and ways of living

Finding better ways to deal with today’s problems in today’s world is of particular concern Advincula told the congregation.

We need to find better ways of dealing with, among other issues, the dilemmas and complexities of modern families, irregular situations in the home and what he termed “the diversity in understanding identity and personhood”.

He said that accompanying families on this journey, especially the young people, is necessary.

“They don’t need more judgments and condemnations.

“To lead people to the truth, we must do so in love, truth and charity, walking together for life, this is where the holy spirit is leading us today.”

Life is sacred

One of the Mass concelebrants was Bishop Severo Caermare who chairs the CBCP Episcopal Commission on the Laity.

This year’s Walk for Life has raised important family and life issues, he told the crowd. Pro-life includes opposing attempts to revive the death penalty, divorce and same-sex unions.

“Our participation, our presence today is a demonstration of how we value the sacredness of life” he said.

Advincula encouraged all the faithful to work together to defend the sacredness of life “in a rapidly changing world that is oftentimes more welcoming to a civilisation of death and so hostile to a civilisation of life and love.

“I encourage you to continue to be passionate in your ministry. Do not be disheartened if sometimes you feel if what you have been doing is not even noticed or ends up in an apparent failure. Take courage. You are not alone.

“Our society today needs teachers that can lead others to the right path and to the right choices. We must not abandon this mission of being teachers and catechists of the Gospel of life.”

A united appeal

The Council of the Laity of the Philippines which organised the Walk for Life says the pro-life event brought together more than 3,000 people from various religious and lay organisations.

The Council says they were all united in one aim – to demonstrate solidarity in upholding the dignity of human life.


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