True Christian speech comes from Spirit, not degrees, Pope says

A Christian receives his or her ability to speak with authority from the Holy Spirit, not from a theology degree, Pope Francis says.

Preaching at a Mass at the Saint Martha residence where he lives on September 2, the Pope said people were amazed at Jesus’ preaching because his word “had authority”.

Jesus’ authority came from a “special anointing of the Holy Spirit”, the Pope continued.

Turning to the first reading of the day, the Pope cited St Paul, saying that we do not speak of these things “with words evoked by human wisdom”.

St Paul did not preach because he took a course at a pontifical university, such as the Lateran or the Gregorian, Pope Francis said.

The source of his preaching was “the Holy Spirit”, not human wisdom.

A person might have five theology degrees, the Holy Father said, but not have the Spirit of God.

“Perhaps you will be a great theologian, but you are not a Christian, because you do not have the Spirit of God! That which gives authority, that which gives you your identity and the Holy Spirit, the anointing of the Holy Spirit.”

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