2 chalices missing from South Dunedin church

Dunedin police are investigating the disappearance of the two sterling silver chalices from St Patrick’s Basilica in South Dunedin.

One is nearly 30cm tall.

It came from the  former Dunedin North Dominican Hall and dates back to 1949 according to an inscription on the chalice.

The letters IHS are engraved on the front of it.

It is thought to be worth about $500.00.

The second chalice is slightly smaller.

It has scrolling engraved around its base.

It is thought to be worth about $400.00.

Thieves are thought to have entered an unlocked side door some time between 3pm and 4pm  last Wednesday, and removed the chalices just before they were due to be returned to a safe with two others.

Basilica sacristan Jordan Knight says he is pushing for the church to be kept locked when not in use.


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