A midwinter festival to raise money for St Mary of the Angels

A multicultural celebration of midwinter is being planned as a fundraising event to contribute to, and draw attention to, the costs of the seismic strengthening of St Mary of the Angels.

The theme will be the stars of midwinter: Ave Maris Stella – Matariki.

Matariki is the Māori name for the seven-star constellation that rises in the north-east before dawn in late May / early June.

In Western astronomy it is known the Pleiades, and it forms the shoulder of Taurus the Bull.

The festival will take place in St Patrick’s College hall in Kilbirnie.

It will begin at 10:00am with a formal ceremony, and conclude at 6:00pm.

The Catholic Community of Wellington is a microcosm of New Zealand Society.

Along with the Tangata Whenua it includes people who have come to New Zealand from many different parts of the world, Dutch, Samoan, British, Tongan, Chinese, Polish, Tokelau, French, Indonesian, Kiwi, Indian, Italian, Korean, German, Filipino and many other places.

All of the these ethnic communities have been invited to showcase their cultures.

During the day there will be a programmed series of events that will give an opportunity for each of the ethnic groups to demonstrate or perform some aspect of its culture.

The St Mary of the Angels choirs will also be involved.

The organisers are asking for a response from all of Wellington’s parishes and communities.

Anyone one who is interested in taking part can contact Robert Oliver:
04 934 2296;
021 0257 4375


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