Angels reappear in Dunedin Cathedral

In a tale that could be straight out of a religious fable, two celestial figures have emerged from over half a century of seclusion.

But there’s a heavenly hiccup with the angels: their wings are missing.

These angelic figures fell from grace during the sweeping changes ushered in by Vatican II in the 1960s.

Destined for disposal, they were fortuitously saved from a rubbish skip and found refuge in their elevated hideaway.

In a divine turn of events, the parish finance committee initiated a fundraising appeal to cover the estimated cost of $22,298 (excluding GST) for the angels’ restoration.

By the end of August, Leslie joyously announced that not only had the financial goal been surpassed, but the surplus would be allocated for additional sacred enhancements.

The extra funds will cover the $1,600 expense for materials to create veils for the tabernacle, altar, and lectern frontals.

The ecclesiastical fabric and church gallon will be imported from Ukraine.

And in a blessed collaboration. Father Leslie, who is a skilled sewer, will take on the textile tasks, while Bishop Dooley, a former metal worker, will craft the metal rods for the tabernacle veil.



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