Pontifical Academy of Sciences defends consultation with abortion advocates

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences has outraged some because of the speaker line-up at this week’s closed-door workshop on “how to save the natural world”.

Among those invited to the Vatican workshop were leading population control advocates, including Paul Ehrlich.

Ehrlich is well known for his forced abortion and mass sterilization beliefs.

His presentation was entitled “Why We Are in the Sixth Extinction and What It Means to Humanity”.

“Thousands called on Pope Francis to ensure that a leading proponent of abortion and sterilization was not given a platform in the Vatican, but Ehrlich’s speech has taken place nonetheless,” said Maria Madise of Voice of the Family. ”

Workshop organiser Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo said the Academy’s aim  for the workshop was to learn from world-renowned scientists.

In its pre-conference blurb the Academy said it was looking for “appropriate social conditions” to help prevent further biological extinction”.

It warned that extinction of life-supporting species “will probably be the sin for which our descendants will be least likely to forgive us.”

The Vatican says it will use the workshop learnings to comment effectively on political, social or economic policies.



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