Pope says mediate, prevent US North Korea nuclear war

Rather than North Korea and the United States (US) risking a nuclear war, Pope Francis suggests a third party could help them find a way to cool off before a good part of humanity is destroyed.

During an in-flight press conference following his visit to Egypt, Francis suggested Norway as a possible mediator.

“It (Norway) is always ready to help. That is just one but there are many. But the path is the path of negotiations, of a diplomatic solution.”

Francis also said the United Nations must show leadership and find diplomatic means to resolve the conflict focusing on “diplomacy and peaceful negotiation”.

It needs to reassert itself as its diplomatic role had become “watered down” he said.

If he were asked to say something to help, Francis said he’d use the same advice as he gives others in similar situations: to follow the path of diplomacy.

“The path is the path of negotiation, the path of diplomatic solutions,” he said.

“This world war in pieces of which I’ve been talking about for two years, more or less, it’s in pieces, but the pieces have gotten bigger, they are concentrated, they are focused on points that are already hot …[and]… in North Korea … too hot”.


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