Sonny Bill Williams says fasting helps mind and body


Sonny Bill Williams had only a small meal of grilled fish and steamed vegetables, and drank a glass or two of water, before he took to the field for the first test match between the British and Irish Lions and the All Blacks.

The had the meal just after the sunset at 5.10pm.

As a practising Muslim observing Ramadan, which coincidentally finished on Saturday evening, he feels the fasting process is beneficial to his mind and body as well as his spiritual well-being.

Muslims do not eat during the hours of daylight during Ramadan.

After being named in the Blues team to play the Lions, Williams said he found the fasting easiest.

“It’s just when I have to train. Getting through the field-based footy is easy, and I just push back the weights until I break fast.”

The fact that Ramadan occurs in the winter in New Zealand means the hours of daylight are not as long as they are in the northern hemisphere.

“But thank God in New Zealand, in this part of the world, we only fast nine hours a day – 10 hours max. In Europe and some parts of the world it’s 16-18 hours. That’s pretty tough.’ says Williams.

“The first week is the toughest, but after that the body starts to get used to it. I just try and do the best I can.”

Williams showed no ill effects of not eating or drinking anything during daylight hours when he played on in the test on Saturday or when his Blues team upset the Lions in their second tour match two weeks ago.

The former league player, has been a sometimes controversial figure for his single-mindedness and willingness to forge his own path in life.


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