Mary Magdalene has some NZ connections

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Australian movie director Garth Davis is looking forward to visiting New Zealand over the next few days to promote his new movie, Mary Magdalene.

He says he has a deep affection for New Zealand.

“I’ve got the time to enjoy the process of releasing this movie, so I’m going to enjoy being able to talk to actors, the public and guilds there.

“I wouldn’t mind having an extra day to drive around the North Island though, it’s an area I haven’t explored yet.”

Davis says he has been helped immensely by the support of the movie’s acting coach – New Zealander Miranda Harcourt.

And Harcourt isn’t his only connection to New Zealand.

He has a New Zealand-born wife, and Jane Campion helped give him his big break as a commercial director.

She asked if he would be interested in doing the TV series Top of the Lake.

“I read it and loved it, I just really related to it. Then we spoke about the project as a family and decided it could be really great, plus we’d get to move to New Zealand, which we love”.

Mary Magdalene stars Rooney Mara as Magdalene and Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus.

This movie might help clear the name of one of the most misrepresented figures in history.

A lot of people think Mary Magdalene was a prostitute.

But there is no reference anywhere in the Bible to Mary Magdalene ever being a prostitute.

There is no reference to her even being a sinner.

The only suggestion that Mary Magdalene was anything other than wholly virtuous is in the Gospels of Luke and Mark where Jesus is referred to as ridding her of “seven demons”.

And many scholars believe the latter wasn’t even in the original text but was added sometime in the second century.


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