Malawi’s Muslims note bishops fail to address albino murders

Malawi’s Muslim community are criticising the country’s Catholic bishops for failing to mention the murder of albinos in its latest pastoral letter.

The 16-page pastoral letter, ‘A Call For A New Era In Malawi’, was read out in Catholic churches last Sunday.

The letter lists a number of ills afflicting the nation. It echoes issues raised in a recent civil society petition covering the public service, nepotism and the lack of transformational leadership.

Malawi’s Muslim community also noted the letter fails to address the arrest of a Catholic priest who with several others has been connected with the recent murder of McDonald Masambuka. The murder victim had albinism.

Albinos are often targeted by witch doctors throughout sub-Saharan Africa. They are murdered for their body parts which are used in black magic rituals.

“We feel the Catholic Church could have assured Malawians, through this pastoral letter, of measures they have put in place to protect people with albinism,” the Muslim Council of Malawi stated on Sunday.

“The nation may wish to know that Machinga district has registered the highest number of killings of people with albinism.

“We feel that the Catholic Church could have included the missing and brutal murders of people with albinism,” they continued, noting Muhosha had been arrested.

Although their pastoral letter did not address albinism, the bishops have responded separately to Masambuka’s murder and distanced themselves from the accused priest.

“The Catholic Church defends the sanctity of life at any point of a person’s life and the killing of albinos is a direct violation of the sanctity of life.

“To our brothers and sisters living with albinism, we assure you that we continue to support, defend and see to it that you are protected by all means,” the bishops said.

“As Catholic bishops in Malawi, we express our deepest sympathy to the family and relatives of McDonald Masambuka and all relatives of victims of a similar nature.”


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