City Impact Church takes on Hollywood with ‘Broken’


City Impact church has produced Broken, a feature film, as a way to get the gospel message of forgiveness out into the community.

“We wanted to be able to go to where people are, not just expect them to come into the four walls of our church,” creative director Josh Campbell told Eternity News.

“We all love a good story, and we all love being entertained. Everybody goes to a cinema, and we thought we could try and give people a message where they go.”

Gisborne hosted the New Zealand premiere of Broken on January 25.

It opened at number one across New Zealand’s cinemas, and the reception from mainstream critics was surprisingly warm.

This month it has opened in Australian cinemas.

To call Broken an old story is an understatement.

The plot is based on the 1830s true story of a Ngati Hau chieftain and his daughter.

That tale was the basis of Joy Cowley’s Tarore and Her Book.

Writer/Director Tarry Mortlock, who is also a youth pastor, has adapted and re-imagined the story for the present day.

“I wanted to make a film that the guy at the gym could go to, or the guy next door could go to,” Mortlock says.

“When I read that story, I was just struck by the power of forgiveness and what can come out of it. I thought that would make a great movie.

“But making a period film is tricky; it can be very expensive.

“So our idea was to take the heart of that story and make a modern-day version of it,” says Mortlock.

“You know, unchurched people could go and watch it but come away with a message, come away with some hope – but without it being preached at them or rammed down their throat.”


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