Hostility to Muslims – Peters quoted


An international report has used Winston Peters’ rhetoric as an example of hostilities that Muslims face in New Zealand.

Washington’s Pew Research Center confirms New Zealand’s religious freedom. It functions without government interference. But some Muslims face social hostility.

It quotes a 2016 US State Department report on religious freedom. The report quotes Peters saying certain countries, “treat their women like cattle.” It says he said that every immigrant should be interviewed to screen their attitude before entering the country.

At the time Peters denied that he was referring to Muslim countries specifically.

The Pew group’s research covers religions in 198 countries.

It finds that 83 countries officially restrict religions. The figures apply to 2016, the latest available.

The report says official restrictions vary. They include laws, policies and actions by officials against religious beliefs and practices.

In 2007, it found 58 countries officially restricting religions.

Worst countries

In the latest report, governments most hostile to religions were those of China, Iran, Indonesia, Russia and Egypt.

In social hostilities, the worst were India, Nigeria, Egypt, Bangladesh and Russia.

While in Asia, Christians felt the hostility, in New Zealand it was Muslims.

Europe and the USA mirror the social hostility found in New Zealand on a larger scale. It notes the increasing European nationalistic rhetoric as singling out Muslims.

As a result of nationalism, Pew found discrimination against Muslims in Australia. It says nationalist groups in Melbourne prevented Muslims from building a mosque.

Pew Research found harassment against Christians in 144 nations, much as Muslims faced it in 142.

Meanwhile, across the globe Christians, Jews and Muslims all faced hostility.

It seems in India, extreme Hindu groups tried to stop people eating meat because they claim it’s an affront to Hindu gods. In some cases they beat or killed their victims.

This is the ninth year that Pew has produced its report.


Image: Pew Center

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