Reject the redefinition of marriage

Cubans should reject the redefinition of marriage.

They should find “other legal ways” to protect gay unions, Cuban archbishop Dionisio Garcia says.

Garcia was responding to efforts made by Cuban dictator Raúl Castro’s daughter Mariela, who is pressing to have gay marriage legalised in Cuba.

This means marriage will need to be legally redefined. Castro has suggested by replacing the terms “man and woman” with “two people.”

The redefinition of marriage has now been approved by the National Assembly and is currently undergoing a popular consultation.

However, Garcia says Cubans should find “other legal ways” to protect gay unions that don’t include changing the “definition of an institution of the natural order, such as marriage.”

Garcia says redefining the institution of marriage in the constitution “worries many.”

This is because it could lead to the legalisation of gay marriage, or adoption by same-sex couples, “depriving them from birth of having a mother or a father.”

He also says the constitutional re-definition of marriage could lead to a change in the content of what children are taught in schools.

The new definition of marriage being a ‘voluntary and consensual union between two people’ is not correct, Garcia says.

He points out that human beings are either “men or women,” and each sex has its own “particularities and genetic, physical, biological and psychological differences, in such a way that they complement each other.”

This complementarity is expressed in a “unique and singular way” in marriage, Garcia notes.

To ignore “what has been given to us by nature or to go against the laws and process inscribed even genetically in our being carries regrettable consequences,” that can be either immediate or manifest themselves over the years, he says.


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