All Black selection criteria should include moral values

moral values

A study from the University of Otago is calling for moral as well as social values to be considered in the rugby selection process.

Associate professor Tania Cassidy and Otago graduate Ryan Rosevear say the focus of provincial unions is on player development but New Zealand Rugby (NZR) focuses primarily on improving performance.

The study recommends an open discussion about why some values are prioritised and not others.

The authors say NZR has a list of socially oriented “character assessment values” which selectors use to assess players’ character.

These values include work ethic, competitiveness, resilience, coachability and motivation in rugby.

But NZR lacks clear emphasis on moral values says Rosevear.

“This reflects other researchers’ claims that principles such as honesty and sportspersonship are not often emphasised in elite team sports because they do not win matches.”

Leading international character academics recommend a focus also be placed on moral values, specifically compassion, fairness, sportspersonship and integrity.

Cassidy said NZR should follow the lead of some of their provincial counterparts and consider moral principles alongside social values during the selection process.

The study comes at a time when moral judgements on sports stars, especially rugby players, have become a hot topic of discussion.

The All Blacks have recently come under fire for their moral judgment, or lack thereof, after the selection of Crusaders winger Sevu Reece for the upcoming Rugby Championship.


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