Israel Folau’s cousin let go by St Gregory’s College

The religious beliefs of Josiah Folau, Israel Folau’s cousin, means he is no longer employed by Sydney’s St Gregory’s College.

Josiah Folau left his employment at the Catholic college following a conversation with a person who attended a service at Pastor Eni Folau’s family house and writing a letter to a parent.

In the course of the conversation Josiah Folau said the Catholic Church is ‘a synagogue of Satan and I one hundred per cent believe and affirm that Roman Catholicism is masked devil worship’.

In casual employment at St Gregory’s College, Josiah Folau was a tutor and boarding house supervisor, who also wrote to a parent saying “any devout Catholic person is not a saved Christian whatsoever.

“Look at Catholic doctrine, almost 100% of it is false and is filled with lies.

“The blasphemous Catholic mass is a paganistic ritual rooted in heresy, evil and devil worship.

“Roman Catholicism is masked devil worship,” he wrote.

St Gregory’s headmaster Lee MacMaster clarified the sitaution, Thursday.

“We have met with Josiah recently and in our discussions, Josiah has made the decision to discontinue his casual employment at St Gregory’s College.

“We respect Josiah’s privacy in this matter,” MacMaster told Sydney’s Radio 2GB.

Joel Folau is an alumnus of St Gregory’s College, Campbelltown, Sydney and in 2016 he finished eighth in the State in religious studies.

He was also school captain.

The parting of ways between Josiah Folau and St Gregory’s College comes as Israel Folau’s legal team formally filed a claim of unlawful termination against Rugby Australia in the Federal Circuit Court in Melbourne on Thursday.

The 30-strong congregation of the Truth of Jesus Christ Church, was established in 2013 by Israel Folau’s father, Pastor Eni Folau.

The church meets at Pastor Eni’s home where people are baptised in the pool.

It believes the “everlasting torture and doom” of hell awaits most Christians.


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