Manuele living life to the full


Manuele Teofilo was recently awarded the Chairperson Award at the Oceania Young Writers Conference in Melbourne.

The 27-year-old belongs to the Christian Fellowship For Disabled in Auckland.

Manuele has been involved in many national camps.

Last year he was a volunteer at the Centre and is now a member of the Christian Disability Trust.

Manuele has cerebral palsy.

Even as a child John 10:10 became his motivation, ”live life to the fullest” or ”abundantly.”

He took it to mean he got to give things a go; do exciting things and not live an ordinary ”disabled” life.

It was an invitation to him to push through barriers.

He never said that he was capable of doing anything, but it has been a motivation not to let his disability limit or prevent him from enjoying the best life possible.

John 10:10 instilled in him a ”can do” attitude because he believes that Jesus will give him the strength to do the things God has in store for him.

He interpreted the verse as a command to live extraordinarily and to strive for the best.

As he got older and read the Bible more, the motivation to live life to the fullest that John 10:10 triggered in him did not diminish.

He believes that he can make the most of life no matter what the circumstances he finds himself in.

Driving around in a wheelchair doesn’t allow him to access some places.

Having a speech impediment frustrates him when he can’t talk to someone because they don’t understand him.

However, he can choose not to let his troubles bog him down, but to let go and allow Jesus to bring out the best in every situation.

Supplied: Peter Mulvany

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